Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paris Weekend -Part 7: Museum favorites

Skipping the Louvre, we headed to Musée de L'Orangerie, home to Monet's lilies, and many others. The museum itself if quite small but here were a few of my favorites!

1) All of Monet's lillies.
I never knew how large these paintings were before I saw them. The Orangerie had them displayed in two very large oval rooms, 4 paintings per room. Somehow I didn't get a picture, but Les nuages, where the viewer can see the clouds reflected off the pond is my very favorite.

2) Pêches by Renoir
I really like the colours Renoir uses in this one. Who knew that you could use all the colors of the rainbow to paint an orange colored fruit. This one makes me want to go eat peaches right now!

3) Large still life by Picasso
There's just something I liked about how few colours there are here.

And a nerdy one. . .
Reclining nude with Drapery by  Matisse

Holy serratus muscles. . .
Now, across the Seine to the Orsay!

The Musee D'Orsay is actually a renovated train station, which is pretty neat. There you can find Van Gogh's, more Monet's a couple Rodin's and of course, of Mr. Bean fame Whistler's mother. They've changed the rules since my last 2 times there and now don't allowing photos to be taken inside. But I present to you my masterpiece: Man in pink before Renoir

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