Wednesday, August 24, 2011

France day 21: Two bikes and a garden

The Loire valley of France is home to some of the most beautiful chateaux of the world. Since they're all pretty close to each other, there is no better way to see them than by bike.

Obviously my host-mom is amazing as usual and packed me a lunch. She says as I run out that door "The croissant is still hot so you can have it now if you want"

. . .did she just say still-hot and croissant in the same sentence? I have no words to describe how incredible a fresh croissant is, no words at all. So you'll have to use your imagination for this one.

S and I were off to Villandry, a chateau most famous for their garden. But first we had to bike 21km in the unrelenting heat. At least the view gave us a bit of a distraction.


We were starving after our ride so we had lunch right when we got there, right under a tunnel of grape vines. Our lunch location was tasty, haha.

View from lunch spot

The gardens of Villandry speak for themselves, so I'll just leave you with some pictures.

Pear trees

Job requirement: OCD

The forest

It was so hot out we needed a break from sightseeing and laid on the lawn behind the water garden. Next we went to the sun garden, where it felt at least 5C hotter. Good thing the next item on our itinerary was to get out of the sun and see the chateau itself.


Water garden

Sun garden

Is this a mirage?

The chateau is much more modern than the previous ones I've seen and provided great views of the garden. Can you imagine waking up to these sights?

When sending your kids to their rooms doesn't work, try the dungeon

We had a little more pre-game fuel (i.e. Ice-cream) before heading back. I highly recommend seeing Villandry if you're ever in the region, it was so worth the 42k we biked and the revenge my quads are paying me right now.

21 here, 21 back

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