Sunday, August 14, 2011

France day 9: French Chef in the making

Isn't it awesome when your class runs late and your friends go and eat amazing crepes without you? Just kidding, I'm not actually mad, especially since Frederic thought to take a photo for me so I could put it here.

copyright Frederic Deutzer 2011 hahaha
This evening there was a Atelier cuisine (cooking workshop) we could attend. I was so excited to learn how to make some of the amazing things I've been eating of late. There were only 10 of us in the class, which gave us all a change to try making the dishes. 

Giant zucchini
While our Farcis vegetaux (stuffed vegetables) were in the oven, we took a break and went around the group and told everyone what specialty foods we eat in our home country. It was easy for the first woman in the group, she just had to rattle on about the 250 different types of pasta in Italy.

Next was my turn.

In Canada, we eat a lot of umm, salmon.  And umm, maple syrup. I never realised how difficult it is to define the specialty foods at home because I live in such a multi-cultural nation. In a given week I eat, sushi, souvlaki, dim sum and gelato. While it seems quite normal to me that we don't have many Canadian foods, it probably seemed pretty strange to everyone else that I couldn't quite describe what Canadians eat.

At least Melanie, who's from the states went after me and had similar difficulty defining what American eats. Our instructor asked: "muffins?" Sure, I guess we eat muffins. . .

We made moelleux au chocolat for dessert. It's a bit like lava cake  but the cake itself is a lot lighter and spongy. There was even chocolate baked into it. Soooo good.

I'm definitely making these two dishes when I get home.

Then I took my 15 min walk home and had dessert part two. In France, there are no calories. Trust me.

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