Monday, August 15, 2011

France day 11 -Part 2: A Night at the Movies

Usually English movies with French voice-overs are absolutely hilarious because of how different the actors' voices sound. But thankfully I've never seen any of the movies in the Planet of the Apes franchise so I could actually take this one seriously.

Off we were to the local MEGA CGR for Planete des singes. With student pricing, past the sweet AND salty popcorn offerings, faux red velvet seats, and really helpful live schedule board, we got a taste of what the French show as pre-movie viewing.

Apparently they don't show previews in France, just plenty of commercials, maybe of them for local businesses. This included what seemed liked a 10 minute viewing of a single frame splattered with a bunch of local ads.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but this one was really just mediocre. Still, I liked James Franco as the protagonist scientist. On the other hand, Tom Felton (Malfoy) should really start trying other roles if he doesn't want to be typecast as the annoying evil kid. Because he was just annoying.

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