Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paris Weekend -Part 4: Paul, we like you.

And who says you can't eat pastries for lunch? Certainly not me.  In France, it would be a shame not to.

On our travels we've seen Paul all over the place. Not that I'm surprised, they make the most delicious looking and  tasting bread and pastries around. You can even find Paul in the Montparnasse-Bienvenue train station. If they would open in Canada, I think my life would be complete.

Croissant au amandes
They really are quite brilliant, I mean, if a buttery flaky croissant wasn't already good enough, why not fill it with something sweet and top it with almonds and sugar? I think it's a great idea.

Eclair cafe

Something with the words grille and pommes 

Tarte tatin for dinner?

Gare Montparnasse
17 Bd Vaugirard
75015 PARIS 

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