Thursday, August 18, 2011

France day 14: La Creperie Narbonne

I awoke this morning to a smell I smell often here, the smell that emanates from creperies and crepe stands everywhere. I think I want to wake up like this every morning.

I descend 2 storeys to our main floor where I see Sumire, the other student living in the Narbonne residence about to flip over a crepe. Beside her is already a plate with at least half a dozen crepes ready to be, topped, slathered, and filled with whatever our hearts desire. Sumire looks like a total pro and reveals the perfect ever-so-slightly golden side once it's flipped. I mean, she better be a pro. She had 3 crepes all just last evening at St. Malo. Sumire offers to let me try making a few and I realise that it's actually not that hard if you're using the right type of poile (pan).

Crepes can be eaten simply with just a little white sugar or as fancily as topped and filled with chestnut paste, chantilly and ice-cream (more on this in a few posts).

We have so many fillings in the kitchen that I can't help but eat three crepes for dessert after lunch with chocolate-hazelnut spread, speculoos spread (So good, I'm bringing back some) and salted caramel from Bretagne.

The beginning of a crepe addiction. . . (this is my attempt at foreshadowing)

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