Sunday, August 28, 2011

France day 25: Survey says. . .Eat

I went to class this morning to find our desks all pushed together and a board game in the middle. Today's lesson was to play the French equivalent to Family Feud. We had a great time yelling out Things couples fight over and Things that make you blush while Rivers in France has most of us stumped. After an hour of intense play, both teams tied. Once we finished our morning classes we headed to the garden behind our school.

 There's this grand staircase up the main building that was a perfect spot in the sun for us to celebrate the end of our month-long class. We quickly put our team work skills  together and cut, slice, spread and layer to create the wonderful ham and chevre sandwiches.

 I think what I'll miss most about France is the bread. It's so wonderfully crusty on the outside while the inside is delicately soft. Also, because it's the staple food here like rice in Asia and Pasta in Italy, it's extremely bon marche (well priced) and is baked constantly throughout the day. I really need to find myself a good French bakery in Vancouver but the fact that I've never seen anyone carry unwrapped bread under their arm probably means that there are none.

To wash down our fabulous sandwiches, we share several bottles of the Loire valley's greatest. During school. On school property. In case you have realised yet, this country is really awesome.

Another plus was that everyone seemed to enjoy the fruit tarts I made yesterday and I went home with two empty platters.

Many people are leaving tomorrow or early Saturday morning (like me!) so tonight was kind of our last night to enjoy Tours. As always, La ginguette is our hangout of choice. Who wouldn't want to dance under twinkling lights and willow branches?

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