Friday, August 19, 2011

France day 18: The Sweet Life

I'm really not sure how I wasn't bouncing off the walls after today. It all started with another lunch at Mamie Bigoude's (well I suppose it started with breakfast) and just went UP from there.

The Rembrant. Vanilla ice-cream, chestnut paste, chantilly

Thursday's we finish class before noon, leaving the entire afternoon to explore all the nooks and crannies of Tours. All the sugar filled nooks and crannies that is. It's a wonder France is a country filled to the brim with diabetics.

Stop 1: La Damier Vert

Candied fruit

Stop 2: Glups
Candy, chocolate and slurpies, whoopieeee.

Stop 3: Grocery store
I've been looking for this chocolate bar since it was used as the filling for our moelleux au chocolat cakes. It's amazing!!

Stop 4: Blood donation bus
Just looking.

Stop 5: French coffee shop.
Probably the least french coffee shop in France. They even have muffins, donuts and cookies. The wonderfully fruity espresso in my cafe glace was delicious. Diana got a FOK, haha. Fraise, orange, kiwi. We hung out on the patio buffing and polishing our nails and sipping our oh so French beverages.

5kg Nutella jar. I think Costco should start selling these.

I couldn't even make it home without spotting a Paul napkin on the street.

Definitely sweet dreams tonight.

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