Monday, August 15, 2011

France day 10: Eat me!

In Europe, the midday break is highly valued. Many businesses actually close for lunch and open a few hours later in the afternoon. In school, this translates to an 80 min lunch break for us. Longer than I've ever had in school in Canada. This is great because it means that we get the chance to try out a range of different food options and still make it to afternoon class on time.

In need of a baguette break, we headed to Mangez-moi (eat me) for kebabs. Or as they say here: Kébabs. In France, Kebab refers to a pita sandwich with kebab meat and in Mangez-moi's case, fries too.

Mangez-moi does their's with fresh homemade pita from scratch and has a large range of sauces to choose from. I picked mayonnaise, which actually originates from France and tastes quite different than Hellman's.

After school I went to hang out with JG at her place. Unlike most students at the institut, she lives at the student residence instead of a homestay family. It was quite the journey there since I decided to forgo her directions and go there my own way, but eventually, I did make it. Look how tiny French elevators are! The safety warning says that the limit is 6 people, 6 toddlers I would think.

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