Thursday, August 25, 2011

France day 22: Oishii

It's a tradition in my host-family that the students cook something from home one night. I think it's a great tradition and probably a lot of fun our host mom to try new dishes. Although she did tell us some horror stories, including one involving two american students making something terrible with onions and ground beef. Hopefully I won't disappoint (or worse, disgust) when it's my turn.

Tonight was housemate Sumire's turn. Sumire is Japanese and cooked two dishes that are somewhat familiar to me.

Rice balls filled with nori  (seaweed) and miso. Wiki calls them the japanese equivalent to sandwiches.
I love love love them and going to look for them back in Vancouver.

I almost exclusively eat udon in soup at home so this was a nice change. Sumire's learned enough French in 3.5 weeks to tell us the dish is a little salty because soy sauce here is salted while it isn't back home. So proud!

My turn tomorrow, wish me luck!

PS here's a beautiful sight from this afternoon

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