Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paris Weekend -Part 5: Line-ups are for losers

Needless to say, our planned 6:30 wake-up was unsuccessful. At best, we made it out the door by 11.

We're sorry Mona, Victory and Venus, but frankly, Paris is waiting and we just didn't have time to line up to see you today. Forgive us?

Real line-up? probably 6 hrs +
Instead of going inside, we spent an entire hour taking silly pictures in the courtyard of the Louvre and walked to les jardins des Tuileries for lunch and to meet with JK. She easily found us on a bench eating ice-cream and recommended that we go see if Paris' other magnificent museums weren't too busy to check-out.

ughhh, why does this always happen to me? hahaha
After we were educated on some of France's greatest artists, it was, sadly, almost time for JG and I to head back to Tours so we could make to class Monday morning.

Obviously we couldn't travel on an empty stomach, even if it was jut a 1-hour trip. So dinner was in order in Le Marais quarter of Paris. JK knew of this cute little square found behind a small pedestrian-only street where we chose to dine at La Terasse Sainte Catherine. I highly recommend it!

Tax and tip always included!
Then we said good bye to Paris and made the dreaded route back to Tours (ok, not dreaded). Actually, semi-dreaded because the ticket-checker gave us a hard time about JG's europass.

Paris, when will we meet again?

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