Sunday, August 28, 2011

France day 26: Au revoir

I can't believe it's over. It feels just like yesterday that I arrived at the train station fumbling with French I learned in high school. I've met so many great people this month and have made so many great memories. I just don't want to leave, why does it have to be Friday already?

The good-byes started in class while our teacher handed out our certificates, report card and also the class project we did this month, a class newspaper. After class we head out into the courtyard as always. Everyone's saying goodbye to their new best friends, some people are even tearing up because they can't bear the thought of leaving. We need more time!

Sumire and I had an afterschool errand to go get flowers as a thank you to our wonderful host mom. To call her wonderful would be understatement actually. She goes way above and beyond every day. She wakes up before us every morning (even when we have a 7am excursion) to set out breakfast for us. Two bowls, two tablespoons, two teaspoons and a mug. Coffee for me and hot chocolate for Sumire. She even only takes out the three kinds of cereal that we like and the two that I like best when Sumire was away. She does this without having to ask which ones we like best, she just knows. I am so lucky.

Since I really wasn't ready to say good bye for the last time at school, I invited everyone to the French coffee shop at 4pm so that I could get some eating, packing and napping done beforehand. I was getting ready to go out the weather changed for the worst as if it was matching our moods. The sky was grey except for occasional flashes of light and it was raining so hard I thought the streets would flood. But it was worth it to see my friends one more time. Not mention that this coffee shop is more than generous with chantilly. Mmm

Is there more coffee or chantilly?

We spent so long at the coffee shop that I was going to be late for dinner but on our walk home we found the most grandiose house/museum. It had free admission so we checked out the modern art while I was getting even more late. The art inside was really interesting but I think I liked the building itself. It had beautiful windows and also a French spiral staircase.

As always, dinner was fabulous and I thankfully wasn't late since our meal wasn't ready yet. We had quiche sans pâte (quiche without pastry) that puffed up like a soufflé and had a crunchy crust. Dessert was waffles with different types of spread and also a Tours specialty: Raspberry cream. Mme. says that she thinks she almost figured out the secret recipe and even the lady at the bakery says she's pretty close. It's made with a meringue base with raspberries but apparently there's a secret ingredient she hasn't thought of yet.

Quiche sans pate

Raspberry Cream!

I decided to go on a walk after dinner and bumped into a friend from class who convinced me to go out to la ginguette one last time and over wine and candy we said good bye for the very very last time.

Early wake-up tomorrow to pack :(

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