Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 17: Hazelnut Shortbread

I blame my parents for my early exposure to Nutella and resultant lifelong addiction to hazelnuts. I put hazelnuts in my oatmeal almost every morning and at every gelateria, I choose hazelnut (it was most crushing when I was in Vienna a couple summers ago and they didn't have it, but then again maybe they did and I just couldn't decipher it from the German menu).

Last week I headed to my favorite bulk foods store and picked up a large bag of raw hazelnuts, with many  delicious bowls of oatmeal in mind. But then I dug up this recipe that's been on my computer for a while. It was a recipe for hazelnut cookies with only 5 ingredients and were super simple, surely it was worth some of my stash.

So I followed along the recipe, I roasted, peeled, chopped and threw it all into my magic bullet (food processors are for adults, college kids get magic bullets). This is the part where I neglected a user comment that said not to try to make these without a food processor. I had been making food processor recipes all this time with my magic bullet, hummus, peanut butter, lemon bars, Mr. Bullet had tackled them all, until now. My cookie dough just wouldn't come together. I rolled it into logs the best I could and hoped that it would all come together while chilling in the fridge.

Unfortunately my cross-fingered prayers to the baked good deities were not heard and I was met with a colder version of the crumbly mess I had stuck in the fridge. Maybe leaving them overnight would work?

Since I've now become a morning person (I bet it was the oatmeal), I was up with well enough time to bake before my first class, which was when plan B came to mind. I should just press it all into a pan and make shortbread! And that was exactly what I did, and we all lived happily ever after. The End.

Hazelnut Shortbread
Adapted from Hazelnut Cookies
Yield: 20 cookies
  • 1/2 cup roasted hazelnuts (roasting instructions here)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup flour (I used whole wheat)
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup butter, cold and chopped into little pieces 
  • chocolate to drizzle (optional)
  1. Roast nuts and allow to cool, peel by rubbing together with a dishcloth or paper towel (don't worry if you don't get all of the skin off)
  2. Pulse nuts and and sugar in a food processor
  3. Add flour and salt and mix until well blended
  4. Add butter until dough comes together, or not
  5. Now you have 2 options, the epicurious way and the collegebakergirl way. My way is described below, the alternate is linked above.
  6. Preset oven to 350F
  7. Press dough into a small pan (I was able to fill half of a 9" square pan), cut into 20 pieces, a pizza cutter works well
  8. Bake for 12-14 minutes, allow to cool and break apart
  9. drizzle with melted chocolate if desired
Had some extra chocolate left over and covered a Ritz cracker, mmm.


Anonymous said...

this looks so good! I share your love of hazelnuts (and oatmeal but never thought to put them together!). thanks for sharing

Trisha said...

Its great that it worked out in the end ... the shortbread looks fab!!!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

These sound just wonderful. Especially with the chocolate on top.

I'd love to have you share this recipe on my weekly linky, Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you there!

CollegeBakerGirl said...

Thanks everyone :)

and to Allison, already posted. Love the jelly bean cookies!


HaleyLeann said...

Anything drizzled in chocolate is a winner in my book! These sound delish! Thanks for linking up on Recipes I Can't Wait to Try!

blkenigma888 said...

I'm having another Themed Baker's Sunday linky party! The theme this week is bread! I'd love for you to join!


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