Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kitchen Sink Smoothies




TomEHto, TomAHto.

Regardless of how you say or spell it, smoothies are unequivocally delicious and definitely one of my favourite foods. I often make one post-workout and sip it in delight as I figure out what I actually want to eat for dinner. I usually like to stick to one of my favourites, but as I am currently out-of-town, away from my soy milk, ground flax seed and other  'rabbit foods', compromises must be made.

I like to call the smoothies I've been making with my cousins Kitchen Sink Smoothies, you know, like Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cookies? Except smoothies instead of cookies, obviously. These smoothies have been breaking some of my smoothie rules (i.e. No juice allowed), but they've been delish nonetheless. Here's a no fail way to refreshing, fruity bliss.

Kitchen Sink Smoothies
Inspired by my smoothie rule breaking cousins
  • Frozen fruit/vegetables
  • Liquid (milk, 'milk', juice, water)
  1. Toss your frozen fruit into a blender
  2. Pour in liquid until all fruit is covered
  3. Blend and serve


Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews said...

I made a yummy smoothie tonight. Banana/mango/OJ, swirled with blueberry/strawberry/almond milk (so pretty next to each other!). Then I poured dark rum on top. Haha. It is Saturday night after all. I hope to write about it on my blog soon.

CollegeBakerGirl said...

That sounds delish, especially the 'garnish' on top :) Thanks for stopping by.


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