Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Scrumptious Weekend

Living a 4 and a half hour plane ride away from home comes with its perks. Freedom mainly, freedom from my parents always asking me whether I'll be home for dinner and awkward questions the morning after a late night. But despite this, most of the time it plain sucks. Not having your parents to move in your stuff every school year sucks, doing your own laundry all the time sucks, the rarity of home-cooked meals really sucks.

Luckily my parents were on their way to Istanbul and decided to come visit me! They came up on the Friday (this gave our campus 24 hours to get its act together post-St. Patty's), toured the campus and we  were in Toronto by dinner time.

This weekend definitely made up for the usual college fare I dine on most of the time. It began with a feast of Asian/Asian-inspired dishes compliments of my aunt MP (I was too excited and forgot to snap some pics). The next morning was a dim sum brunch (once again too excited to snap pics), but I did have these awesome buns with a gooey filling that's much like a liquid egg tart, that is, if liquid egg tarts existed.

Looks just like the real thing, doesn't it?

That evening, we were out for dinner with 8 of my dad's friends from high school at a Chinese restaurant. The meal had 12 courses, I repeat, the meal had TWELVE courses. My mind was blown. Someone at the table was vegetarian, which means that I got to try vegetarian sweet-and-sour pork. It was delicious, and probably much healthier since it was soy-based. Dessert included what I will call: fancy Jello cubes. They weren't that flavourful but they looked nice.

My fantastic food-filled weekend was topped off with lunch at Nonna's. Delicious soup, cannelloni, salad, cake and fruit; all from scratch of course. Not to mention a cup of delicious espresso (I like mine with plenty of milk).

This is the best part, the part where my scrumptious weekend gets to continue. Nonna hooked me up with plenty of homemade tortellini, left over cannelloni, homemade soup and plenty of cake (which you'll find out in a later post how I put to use.)
What shall I do with this? You'll know soon.
Perhaps I actually have the perfect situation, freedom and the occasional weekend feast.

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