Thursday, December 23, 2010


Welcome to collegebakergirl, a diary of my baking misadventures in well… college. So I’ve recently been reading baking blogs as a way procrastinate from studying for my exams and thought, hey why not, I could write one of these, maybe. So here goes…
A little about me. I’m in a 3rd year undergrad studying physiology and pharmacology (i.e. College Junior if you’re one of our neighbours down south), aspiring doctor and I love baking, in a making gingersnaps at midnight before a final exam sort of way, to my roommates’ delight. True story. I must do a better job in the middle of the night, because those 55 gingersnaps were gone in under 5 days… I’ll post the recipe in a bit.
Baking while at school poses some unique challenges. First of all, I do not own a mixer. Which means that when recipes says to “cream” together butter and sugar, what I’m really doing is whipping my dollar store whisk around as fast as my untoned arms will allow. At least they’ll be toned soon in enough, I guess. Also, all the measuring is done with questionable accuracy. Seriously, who loses a 1/4 cup measuring cup? I do, that’s who. And I have serious doubts that my 1/2 tsp is truly half of a teaspoon, because it really does look almost nearly as large the full tsp.
Really, would a KitchenAid stand mixer be too ridiculous of a Christmas present to ask for for a 20 year-old? My belief is that I won’t ever be able to call myself a true baker until I own one of those. In fact, I’ve already been thinking of what colour I would want; I’m thinking  a nice classic red would match my future stainless steel kitchen just handsomely. It would certainly be the first item on my future wedding registry. My good friend MC actually proudly exclaims that the sole reason she wants to get married is to own the stand mixer, but that’s another story…
But anyway, onto baking. My goal is to bake at least once a week for the rest of college and document the results. Even if I have midterms, or exams, or anything else that occupies students like me. Cheating baking, as I call it, like from mixes, won’t count and I’m going to bake something different every week. Ambitious? Perhaps.
Wish me luck :)

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